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Yarn Contest-Win Sari Ribbon!!!

March 30, 2011

Hi friends,

I just got 6 wonderful new and exclusive recycled silk sari ribbons in yesterday. They need your help in getting named! So, not only will you get your name published with the yarn but you will also get a free skein of the yarn if you are chosen the color’s winner!.

So to enter, just comment to this post with the number and the color name you think each yarn should have. If you would like to purchase any of the yarns now, just click on any of the pictures to be redirected!

Good luck my dears– this contest will end on April 3rd



Yarn #1

Yarn #2

Yarn #3

Yarn #4

Yarn #5

Yarn #6

New Pattern: Knit: Mulberry Silk Drawstring Bag

March 30, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Hi friends, Here is a little pattern I came up with that would be great for your second project of working in the round. You will need to know how to work in the round and then transition onto DPN…

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New Pattern: A Cool One From Tavita’s Heart in Auburn AL

March 28, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Good morning friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I thought I would start this week out with some craft candy. Anne owns Tavita's Heart in Auburn AL Tavita's Heart: yarns, accessories, classes 418 S Gay St Auburn AL…

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New Pattern: Recycled Resolutions Necklace

March 23, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Hi friends, This weekend I made a cool necklace. Just watch the video to get the full scoop on how to wear it and the nitty gritty details on how to make it. But basically, you just need 1 skein…

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Tuesday Update:I lost my marbles

March 22, 2011

It’s true. It’s Tuesday and my second, third and fourth winds have abandoned me and all we’re left with is one crazy owner of Darn Good Yarn.

I hope you get a laugh, I know I did…. I have been told I’m my own best friend…that’s a good thing right?

Much love!


How to fix your yarn swift!

March 22, 2011

Hi friends!

How’s it going?

So, I just wanted to share a way to fix or reinforce your yarn swift! The one thing I wanted to note that I didn’t in the video below is that when you attach the zip ties, don’t make them too tight, you want them to be the same circumference of the loop of twine that was in its place. That will allow for flexibility and movement of those parts for different sized skeins.



New Pattern: Knit: Simple Sari Ribbon Shawl– Like tying up a roast!

March 17, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Hi friends, I just had a fellow Darn Good Yarner email me recently asking for help to come up with a shawl pattern using sari ribbon. She wanted it to measure 24"x72". Because I didn't want anyone to have…

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New Featured Artist: Meet Laura of Bobby Raven Designs

March 15, 2011

An excerpt from Featured Artists

Hi friends, I always love to share with you awesome artists that I think you should know about. If you are one of these awesome artists and you would like to be featured here, contact me and we can talk!…

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Wrists and Finger care for you crafters out there!

March 12, 2011

Wrists and fingers

As we age muscles and joints tend to tighten and fatigue more quickly. Here is a simple warm up.


  1. Open fingers as wide as you can and hold for 5 seconds.
  2. Close fingers into a fist and hold for 5 seconds.
  3. Repeat three times.


  1. 1. Slowly circle your wrists in one direction 5 times.
  2. 2. Flex or bend your wrist so your fingers only are facing up toward the sky.
  3. 3. Hold for 5 seconds.
  4. 4. Slowly circle your wrist in the other direction 5 times.
  5. 5. Flex or bend your wrist so your fingers are facing the floor.
  6. 6. Hold for 5 seconds.
  7. 7. Repeat this sequence 3 times.

These simple warm up can also be performed at the end of your knitting session to help relax your muscles and joints.

In the book Stretches for Those Who Knit and Crochet you will find a number of stretches and strengtheners. This book  can be found at

Ellen Miller is a certified Fitness Practitioner/Personal Trainer teaching for the past 25 years. Ellen writes for her monthly newsletter, blogs  and  New Orleans Wedding Magazine. IsoBreathing has been a recipient for Innovator of the year in 2006 by New Orleans City Business. She has snippets  at Ellen sells DVD’s,CD’s and Booklets of the IsoBreathing program at htpp://  and can be reached at

New Pattern: Loopty-loo wool cowl

March 12, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Hi friends, Would you take a minute and go visit Bridgett's website and check out the other patterns she has available, pretty please? and Artfire: I asked you to visit these two sites because Bridgett is a powerhouse of creativity…

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