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Monday 2-21 Update: I am so outta here

February 21, 2011

Hello my sweets!

So, Darn Good Yarn’s site will stay open but orders won’t ship between Feb 26th and March 8 but will resume on the 9th. So if you are about to have a yarn crisis, please put your order in on or before Feb 25th!



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  1. jony says:

    no mail day :(
    bye-bye :D

  2. Hope everything is ok.. at first I went OMG.. but you will be back.. GUESS WHAT I JUST DISCOVERED. I can get your talking on closed captioning on your videos.. WOW.. so helpful. You know I am hearing impaired as in DEAF and survive quite nicely with cochlear implants.. IO now I can go back and look at ALL your videos.. and understand better because YOU TALK FAST /. I just took a needle felting class today.. such fun.. Do you sell roving that would work with that.

    Have fun(?) on your get away.. OH. I did very well at the FAB show ( here. I did not get a chance to line the two bags I made with your sari ribbon, but I will so so and then put them on my etsy and raverry pages..

    namaste Susan

  3. Rose says:

    Its snowing again!! Good thing I have some beautiful sari yarns to keep me busy. As for you, I am delighted that you are getting away & hope you have a WONDERFUL break – pls relax & enjoy life. Leave your computer OFF for a couple of days – it will be good for you & your true love.
    Namaste dear Nicole :-)

    • nicole says:

      Oh Namaste to you Rose! Thank you for your support. OK.. I might keep my computer off for one day. I start to get the shakes if I’m not around you guys though. We have too much fun!

  4. Stacy says:

    Nicole, you are a sweetie! Good for you for resetting your priorities when appropriate, taking time off to nurture yourself and your family life. We’ll be fine! Take care of yourself and enjoy the little extra time you’re giving YOU!

    • nicole says:

      Oh thank you so much for your support! I love my Darn Good Yarn family so much– you have no idea how wonderful it is to wake up to my inbox of “hi’s” and “questions”

  5. Gramma Bonny says:

    God Bless You and Yours Real Good.Your site has opened a new world for me.Take care of yourself and family.I will keep you in prayer.In His Name,Gramma Bonny

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