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Way more cool than me

January 31, 2011

Hi friends!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I am almost finished with a hat made out of Parisian Confection Wool Yarn.

But I wanted to share with you a cool website, that is way more cool than me. Let me preface this by saying that I love looking at fashion and design websites because they inspire me to make cool new yarns blends along with up-and-coming designs that we can all incorporate into our lives. So this cool new website is: Ice Cream and Pizza (click me).

Check out today’s post… yum YSL nail color. Did you see the shine on that?

And if you want to be even cooler than that, “Like” the facebook page for Ice Cream and Pizza so you can get updates! Click here to do that!

Insprired yet?!



February 2 Simple Stretches

January 28, 2011

February 2 Simple Stretches.

To help keep strain off the upper back, neck, shoulders, wrists and forearms I suggest you use round needles instead of the extremely long straight needles. If you are working on a heavy project such as a blanket the weight alone will cause strain and discomfort on all the above mentioned areas. By using the round needles all of the weight will be placed in the center of the needles and there will be less strain.

Upper back stretch:

Sit tall with your feet flat on the ground. Extend both arms out front. Round your shoulders slightly and try to reach as far forward as you can without leaning from your hip joint. Hold this position for 15 seconds.

For a little extra with this stretch you can drop your chin to your chest and you will include your neck.

Shoulder stretch

Sit tall with your feet flat on the ground. Take one arm and cross your chest. Take your other arm and hold it for support. Hold this position for 15 seconds. Then switch sides.


The above is from the booklet “Stretches for those who Knit and Crochet” This book can be found on the website or on Amazon.

Ellen is a certified Fitness Practitioner/Personal Trainer, teaching obtainable lifestyle changes for over 25 years. Ellen writes and produces fitness DVD’s  CD’s and Books of the IsoBreathing program. All are now being sold through the IsoBreathing website.

New Pattern: Who’s SARI Now Handbag

January 26, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Who's SARI Now Handbag designed for A Darn Good Yarn By Susan Mitloff, like this custom design? Then email me and I can put you in touch with her! Ingredients 3 skeins of Darn Good Yarn's Sari Ribbon accessory or…

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Yippie, I’m a guest blogger!

January 24, 2011

Good morning friends!

I hope you had a great weekend. I had a great weekend. Mike had off both days so we got to spend some nice time together.

Today, I’m expecting a HUGE shipment of new yarns to get here. I’m so excited! It’s like Christmas when they get here along with a killer bicep workout because the boxes are so heavy.

I wanted to share with you my first post as a guest blogger too!

What do you think?



New Pattern: Another way to make an ear-flap hat

January 22, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Happy weekend! Finally a weekend where my DH has off for both days. This has allowed us to hang out and it brought me to surfing around facebook for a little bit in attempt to downshift a tad. But my…

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New Pattern: Knit with Banana Fiber Silk Yarn: Spring Fever Table Rug

January 20, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

Bridgett did it again over at Spring fever Banana fiber table rug Yarn: 2 balls of Darn Good Yarn's babana fiber yarn! YUM You can use either 2 balls of Kaleidoscope Banana Fiber, any one of Nicole's Recipe Banana…

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Sale on Dragonfruit Red Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon at Valentine’s Day Sale!

January 16, 2011

Video loading…

Here’s the video to the Bead making that I mentioned in the video:

Sale on Dragonfruit Red Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon at Valentine’s Day Sale! To get the great deal click here or the picture!

New Pattern: Projects to make with recycled silk sari yarn and banana silk fiber

January 10, 2011

An excerpt from Patterns

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The town of Cardigan receives a giant knitted present

January 6, 2011

Hi friends,

Gotta love twitter. Amidst people updating about silly things sometimes you get lucky and find cool articles like this one I would like to pass on to you.

Please enjoy!



And her name was Veronicaaaaaa

January 6, 2011

Hi friends,

Being Thursday (where the hell did my week go?), I thought it would be wonderful to share a project made by a fellow Darn Good Yarn-er, Veronica. She creates magnificent  (I mean it!) art quilts.

Thank you to Veronica for sending this picture over to me. If you note, you will see that she utilized Darn Good Yarn’s very own Premium Recycled Sari Yarn

The base is brown felt. Next she layered layered small pieces of sparkly tulle and chiffon. The next layer is painted cheese cloth. Then the recycled sari silk yarn on top. It is 16″ x 33″.

If you are interested in finding out more about Veronica and her work, please contact me at