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Name Nicole’s 2011 Winter Recipe

December 16, 2010

Hello my dears!

Oh Thursday, I figured you can use some color. Check out my Winter 2011 collection of Nicole’s Banana Fiber Recipe colors.

It’s your turn to name them! To submit your color names, just post your comment to this post.

If you you would like to purchase these yarns before they get named you can do so here..and yup, they’re on sale during the contest!

and the other colorway

Don’t forget, winners are chosen by me and get props on the labels that go on the yarn and on the website.



Yarn #2

Yarn #1


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  1. Shanna Young says:

    I submit: Gumballs of Ocean Tides for the first one and for Yarn 2: Rainbow Brite or Circus Tent

    • Shanna Young says:

      That was supposed to read Gumballs or Great Gumballs of Fire or even Gumdrops or Ocean Tides or Jellyfish for number 1

  2. Rachel says:

    I would call the first color “Unicorn” and the second one “Carolina Sunset.”

  3. #1 Salt Water Taffy
    #2 Red Skies at Night

  4. Brett Hilton says:

    Yarn 1 All Iced Up
    Yarn 2 Warm Winter Beach

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  6. Jo Karen Macaulay says:

    I would name yarn #1 Maui Lei and #2 Golden Gate Sunset

  7. Mia Noren says:

    1. Permafrost
    2. Northern Lights

  8. Cynthia Nemoga says:

    1. Mystic Moonlight
    2. Shades of Summer

  9. Faith says:

    I’d call #1 “Cottoning to that candy” and #2 either “Surely it’s sherbet” or “Sherbet sorbet”.

  10. Cakefortwo says:

    Oh they’re gorgeous O.O i especially love the first one!!

    I’ll have to go with

    #1 — Ariel’s Grotto

    #2 — Wintry Dawn

    GL to everybody :-D

  11. Emily says:

    #1 Northern lights (I know it was used but I think its more fitting for teh 1st one, no offence!) (or) Little ballarina
    #2 Summer Sunset (or) Clown paint (or) Slushie

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