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Winners of Nicole’s 2011 Winter Recipe Banana Fiber Yarn Color Naming Contest

December 21, 2010

Happy Winter my dears!

The first day of winter and I am getting blasted with snow here! Poor Mikey had to drive to work in this mess.

Did you see the new “How to make a tutu” post I set up this morning? If not, click here

But I wanted to share the results of the yarn color naming contest with you for the Winter 2011 Collection of Nicole’s Recipe Banana Fiber Yarn (or Nicole’s Recipe for short). I love the names you came up with.

Perhaps because it’s chilly here the winner of Yarn #1 goes to Brett H with “All Iced Up”. With the hues of a chilly blue, icey purple and a splash of sea foam green, “All Iced Up” seemed perfect to me!

For Yarn #2 Jo Karen M won with “Golden Gate Sunset”. Perhaps I’m missing wine country up in that neck of the woods or I have fond memories of driving back from Muir Woods north of San Fran and knowing exactly what Jo Karen is talking about.

Also, I’ll keep these yarns on sale until the end of the year. And how wonderful- because I am also running to promotion of when you purchase any 4 yarns on the site you get a 5th for free!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Lots more yarn and ribbon on the way so there is always an opportunity to win!



Yarn #1

Yarn #2

New Pattern: How to make a tutu with recycled silk sari ribbon

December 21, 2010

An excerpt from Patterns owner, Nicole, walks you through the very basic steps of making a tutu. If you (as an adult) are working on this project on your own it'll take a little over an hour. Plan for a little more time…

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Name Nicole’s 2011 Winter Recipe

December 16, 2010

Hello my dears!

Oh Thursday, I figured you can use some color. Check out my Winter 2011 collection of Nicole’s Banana Fiber Recipe colors.

It’s your turn to name them! To submit your color names, just post your comment to this post.

If you you would like to purchase these yarns before they get named you can do so here..and yup, they’re on sale during the contest!

and the other colorway

Don’t forget, winners are chosen by me and get props on the labels that go on the yarn and on the website.



Yarn #2

Yarn #1

Dec 2010 Newsletter

December 9, 2010

Hi there!

How’s the holiday shopping going? Are you making a lot of projects? I’m falling a little behind schedule but as I cross loved one’s gifts off my list I can’t help but think of all of the women we have all helped this year. You truly are amazing and your support through the year has meant the world to these women who hand make the yarns you have grown to love.

But, I REALLY want to help a lot of people this holiday season! And knowing that you love making a difference like I do I had a great idea. So, you already know about Darn Good Yarn’s year-round deal when you purchase 5 yarns you get a 6th yarn for free…

Well, here is something HUGE! From now until Dec 31 when you purchase four yarns, get the fifth one for free!

All you need to do is add the 4 yarns to your cart and message me as what you’d like your 5th yarn (of equal or lesser value) to be! Consider it my gift to you!

What an amazing gift you can give to your loved one or yourself! Fair trade yarn created by women. You will be providing not just a gift to your loved ones but the tremendous gift of support to others who desperately need it.

Fellow Darn Good Yarner, Stephanie, said “Divine does not even begin to describe the yarn and its colours…. Thank you again so much for having such a wonderful and socially conscious product.

Be sure to tell your friends about this too! It’s a great deal and great cause.

Namaste and love,

Nicole, Mike and Squeakers

PS- Don’t forget that this “five yarns for the price of four” deal isn’t just going to help you, it is also going to help countless women in Nepal and India!

And the winners are…

December 9, 2010

This was a quick contest because Mike’s birthday (official DGY husband) is tomorrow and I need to bake a cake, clean the house and print labels for these new yarns and get them attached!

This is quickly becoming a very fun tradition at Darn Good Yarn and it’s beyond wonderful to have so many of you take part in this. I always smile when I add the labels with the winners names and send this marvelous yarn off to yarn shops all over the place.

Congrats to the following  people for their yarn color choices:

Yarn #1 goes to Jill Holland winning with Jubilee

Yarn #2 goes to Tiffany Conner with India’s Indigo

Yarn # 3 goes to Sam Rose (of Calamity Designs) with Snooki. She submitted it as a joke but I’m a Jersey girl at the end of the day.

Yarn # 4 goes to Rebecca Mohrbach for Rapunzel

Yarn #1

Yarn #2

Yarn #3

Yarn #4

Name that color NOW!!!

December 9, 2010

Good morning Darn Good Yarners!

I told you that you would have a lot of opportunities this month to name some yarns. I have four more for you this morning. To submit your ideas, just leave your response as a comment below! I numbered the yarn’s in their captions so you can just type something like 1= xyz, 2=abc etc.

This is a quick one so make your entries this morning and tell your friends to get in on the action

Have a great day!

Yarn #1

Yarn #2

Yarn #3

Yarn #4

Yarn color-naming winners for 12-6

December 6, 2010

The choice, as always, was tough but luckily I have lots of new yarns coming in over the next few months so you can give it a try.

What am I talking about? Well, the yarn color naming contest! If you’re a part of the group “Darn Good Yarn Fans” you’ve noticed that I’ve been having a series of contest where you can put your two cents in for the name of the colors of the new yarns I’ve been presenting to Darn Good Yarn.

I’m always so impressed by the creativity.

But this round of winners goes to Michelle M and Jared S!

Michelle named this yarn Cerulean Skies. You can read more and discover this new blend of yarn here.

And Jared S, wow, what a head-turner of a name La Belle Mousse de Mer (Beautiful Sea Foam)–hmm, I don’t know if it was the French wine I had last night or what but this one was too pretty to pass up. You can read and see more about this yarn here.

The perfect gift for knitters and crocheters

December 6, 2010

Give them a Darn Good Yarn Gift Certificate. What an amazing gift you’ll give to your crafty loved one! Their choice of Darn Good Yarn’s fair trade yarn created by women. You will be providing not just a gift to your loved ones but the tremendous gift of support to others who desperately need it.

So, this holiday season give the gift of choice and empowerment with a Darn Good Yarn Gift Certificate.

Fellow Darn Good Yarner, Stephanie, said “Divine does not even begin to describe the yarn and its colours…. Thank you again so much for having such a wonderful and socially conscious product.”

How to Purchase the Darn Good Yarn Gift Certificate.

From there you will be brought to a page where you can input information like when you want the gift certificate to be sent and the amount!

And of course, if you have questions please contact us.