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Dear CEO and CFO at JBLU. Help me get my dignity back.

November 9, 2010

Hi, my name is Nicole. I’m a hard working US citizen and I feel that our rights are being violated and taken away from us at record breaking speeds. Last night, I got to thinking about an upcoming flight I’m taking. The thought of the overly-intrusive pat downs and virtual strip searches of the new scanners made me go into a panic attack.

I’m now reaching out to the CEO and CFO of Jet Blue for help. The airline company leaders are the ones that can make a real difference in helping simple Americans gain their rights and dignity back.


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  1. Paul Henrich says:

    THANK YOU. I hope David & Ed see this and speak out against the denial of our human rights. They could join the British Airways exec who called TSA policies ridiculous. All I can think is that congress members and their families must not fly commercially.

    I’m dreading the next time I fly and I don’t understand how so many people support this false choice. I’m bringing this up to everyone I know.

    I saw your video at (linked from startup site Hacker News) which is how I found this post.

  2. Betty says:

    Fabulous communication! Very creative. I’ve thought about showing up for a flight wearing a thong, skimpy bra (pasties?) and an easy to remove dress. I’d refuse to be radiated and there would be no reason to pat me down. I’m well into my 60′s and about as big around as I am tall. It might give them something to think about. But I like your approach better. : )

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