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Oh where, oh where have my little rights gone?

October 22, 2010

I don’t like to get into politics or policy debates that often but this morning I had Good Morning America on in another room when I heard about the story of Michael Roberts. He is a professional pilot who refused a full body scan and was grounded. Read more of the story here.

But, Michael, good for you.

Have you been through the airport’s new search techniques recently? Holy crap. As Michael and his legal council put it, “it’s a virtual strip search”.

Infuriating, unnecessary and humiliating. Where the hell have our rights gone people?!

Have you been through a similar search and want to vent…let it out here.


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  1. Jaydee says:


    Great rant…..I’ve been telling my kids the same things ever since the “professionals” from TSA started their searches….I mean how many AMERICANS have brought down a plane??? I HATE flying now…why do I, a citizen of the USA by birth have to take off my shoes every time I want to board a plane? Why does my daughter, a handicapped citizen by birth have to be wanded EVERY TIME??? While not a conservative like you, I’m glad we can agree on this topic. Again, great rant….and thank you for your service.


  2. gardenia says:

    re your rant on michael roberts and airport security —- thank you, thank you, thank you. i couldn’t agree with you more. sorry to say, so many americans are sooo naive. they think that this security nonsense dreamed up the government to make us think they are doing their jobs is actually making flying safer. All it’s doing is making the innocent flying public suffer humiliation. Hah! Nothing like a false sense of security. if we don’t stand up and say “enough is enough,” you just watch — a year or two down the road, after another incident, TSA will be conducting full cavity searches. And people will be saying, “I don’t mind getting raped if it makes flying safe.” Meanwhile, the terrorists will be laughing their asses off.

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  4. Michael Roberts says:

    Thank you, Nicole. Glad to see so many people get it. Some still don’t so please keep spreading the word.

    But please understand that the courthouse is only the place where we will chronicle this for posterity – the attorneys are on that job as I write to make sure all the paperwork is in order. We The People must be the ones to defend our natural rights, which the Constitution of the United States was drafted to uphold as our most cherished national treasure. The Constitution serves as a reminder of who we are. It does not and cannot protect us. The courts cannot protect us. It is our duty alone as individual, sovereign citizens, to defend the rights and liberty passed down to us by refusing to ever exchange them for the beguiling comfort of a false sense of security. We cannot wait for the courts to decide. Rather, we as a nation must make our determination unmistakably clear before the time comes for them to record OUR VERDICT in the matter. PLEASE REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MADNESS, even if it means not flying until it has been contained. In peaceful revolution, let’s restore our nation to the first and best of the ideals upon which it was established, not looking away from the many horrors that have also transpired, lest any of them return to haunt us.

    Thank you. You can listen to an hour long radio interview I did on an economics blog at: We kept interrupting each other ’cause there was a phone lag and got a little off topic a couple times, but my basic story is there. And my original account that caused all the initial stir can be found at

    Please pass these along, write the airlines (they’re the ones with the real power to change things), and help me shut this craziness down this week!


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