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Holy Moly!

September 1, 2010

I wonder what kind of dreams Lashell has. I bet they are in color and have lots of sari ribbon in them. Look at the new, wondrous creations she’s waived her magical hands at!

Oh, and if you like the pendants, check out this one of a kind shop

Rose owns this shop (Click here to visit Rose’s shop!). If you are making some awesome pieces for yourself, contact Rose. She’ll hook you up! Just amazing pieces!!!!

Click on any one of the pictures to visit Lashell’s etsy shop. Do you own a small shop and want to carry a line of her items? Just let me know! Email me now!

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  1. Rose Young says:

    Thank you for including me on your website.I would love to give you a piece of my jewelry.Please choose any piece in my shop.Either go through ETSY as a purchase and mark money order, or e-mail me your choice and I will mail it to you.I appreciate your boost. Working with LaShell has been such a hoot,she’s a fire ball.rose

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