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Your inspiration: The contest!

August 11, 2010

Yes, it’s been far too long since we’ve had a contest on the site.  What have I been doing? Oh, I don’t know…sipping margaritas… perhaps.

Those of you die-hard Darn Good Yarn-ers know I’ve posted this question in the past on facebook but I want to make a top 10 list of places where you get your crafting inspiration from. So, where do you get your best crafting inspiration from?

The contest will go from 8-11-2010 until 9-10-2010.

How to enter? Add your idea to the comments section of this blog post. Be sure to include your email address in the form. What you do win? Bragging rights and a $5 gift certificate to! Cool!

The “Top 10″ will be chosen by me and Mike (the official husband of Darn Good Yarn.. in case you forgot).

We know Mikey, it's tough making a decision sometimes

And if we need to have Squeakers jump for the final judgment, we will stoop to that level!


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  1. Michele White says:

    My inspiration comes from the shapes and textures of nature. The drape of a branch, the soft fuzz on a leaf overlaying the bumpy texture of a rock…
    THEN, I revel in the colors of the recycled Sari yarns! I combine the two (nature and Darn Good Yarn’s colors) to create whatever my imagination can see!

  2. Monica says:

    I get my inspiration from Crazy Pants (my 2 year old son). Whether its the combination of colors in his toy pile, the coat of a monster in one of his books, or the opening scene of “Meet the Robinsons”, the fantastic, colorful, and unpredictable world of a child keeps my list of projects to try insanely long!

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  4. Faith says:

    All sorts of places, mostly cool things I’ve seen on-line or in a book
    or the actual feel of the material I’m working with.

  5. My inspiration comes from my travels…the colors of sari and spices in India, the golden temples in Thailand, the blue waters off Palau, the lush greenery of Hawaii, the ancient paintings that still survive in Pompeii…I could go on forever. Travel is such an inspiration that I’ll never stop jumping on that plane or boat or car or hot air balloon…


  6. Lee says:

    My inspiration comes from my family and my life. When I find a new fiber, I think of all the ways I could use it to make something new for our comfort.

  7. Merilyn says:

    I get my inspirations from many venues. Some have been from my friends in my knitting group, the Knotty Girls while others come partially from my wonderful yarn shops, (which were all recently featured in Spin Off magazine)and of course, magazines, books and the internet are loaded with terrific ideas. If I am really exhilarated, I might even come up with ideas from my own imagination. Those are the best!!

  8. Joanne Goranson says:

    I get a lot of inspiration from the quilts that my friends and I make (I am a contemporary quilter and we use lots of crazy stuff in our quilts). I also get much of my inspiration from the fabric that I dye. I never know exactly what the fabric is going to look like when I dye it since I use 2 colors for each piece I dye and sometimes the combination comes out very different than I imagined it would be. I know my color wheel, so I never end up with mud, but I am sometimes astounded by what comes out of the jar (I use canning jars to dye my fabric). I am totally influenced by colors and textures when I quilt and when I knit. I am called The Thread Lady because my quilts are embellished with all kinds of thread, and I rarely use only one yarn when I knit. I love finding 2 or 3 yarns that I can combine to make a new yarn that just sings to me. I knit a lot of purses, because they satisfy my urge to knit without taking too much time away from my quilting. I know lots of people will say they are inspired by nature and other things around them, but for me it is all about color and combining yarns to make a new fiber.

    • nicole says:

      I would love to see pictures of your works… i can put them up on the site! how fun would that be:)… i know my mother in law would love it too! She gave me an amazing quilt that she made before I even got married to Mike…she has good instincts;)

  9. Candice English says:

    I get my inspiration from two places; nature and my children. Montana really is the last best place and the scenery is amazing. Whether its golden wheat fields blowing in the wind while the big sky is shinning in the back ground or seeing Glacier from the East side with its Massive blue grey peaks turning into a bright green as it descends into aspen trees, the colors of nature always show up in my color combos while knitting. I just moved to Hawaii so I am so excited to use the bright tropical colors in my knitting. My children also inspire me because they bring a sense of excitement and most importantly practicability to the garments I create.

  10. Carol says:

    I get lots of inspiration from crochet flickr groups. If I need some idea to kick things into gear, I know browsing other people’s work will usually do the job :)

  11. Mollie says:

    I get my inspiration from the way I see what God has given me for that day. IF I feel it is a bright day, I can make all sorts of fun bright crochet items, but if it is a rainy day, I tend to use more darker yarns to crochet with, but I just love the way yarn feels when you have it so soft and it makes you feel so alive. You can almost tell what day I was having just by what I make.

  12. Connie Raby says:

    For inspiration, I watch people in public places…I know…weird, huh? The thing is, though, you can see what they’re wearing, how they’re wearing it, and the colors chosen by diferent people from every walk of life. I imagine what they love to do in life, considering their ages and ethnicity, and then I think, think, think until lots of colors and the way something drapes sort of hits me. Next…I get to work! Case in point, I saw a woman wearing a beautiful capelet while at a a nearby popular resort in the Spring of 2009. It appeared to be made of cotton and silk, so I came home, mixed the two yarns and made one for my sister in her favorite colors, which is kind of a plum, purple combination, presented to her for her birthday, and she loves it! My sis is a beachy (not bitchy) gal who LOVES natural fibers. I hit pay dirt on that one! Okay…back to a park bench, or the mall, or the beach…

  13. Rose Terry says:

    That’s easy! I get my best crafting inspiration from my Hippie days! I grew up in the 60′s where we adorned ourselves with ‘flowers in our hair’, flowy garments pretending we were fairies, bright colors painting daisies, roses and peace symbols on our faces, even patches on our bell-bottom jeans in every color imaginable. And the attitude of peaceful rebellion in a creative sort of expression! Silk Sari yarns & ribbons remind me of my free spirit of those special years! Rose @}’-,–

    • Merilyn says:

      So true!! In the 70′s, I was string crocheting lace edgings on everything I sewed! And on my jeans, too. I am kind of starting to do that again. So, in that way, I guess I too, get some of my inspiration from the “good old days” and from myself and my own tastes.

  14. Lori Alper says:

    My inspiration comes equally from within and from others. I am usually surprised by where the inspiration comes from-a place where I least expect it. Sometimes something beautiful outdoors inspires me and other times my dirty, messy children inspire me. As my kids grow older my inspiration is actually turning into something concrete-i have a little extra time to make it into something tangible.

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