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45 min Recycled Sari Ribbon Scarf

August 31, 2010

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Check out the one skein scarf that’s super easy and takes no time at all to make. Best of all it’s made from recycled silk sari remnants and is created by women. No sweatshops, no child labor and only at

To make it:

Get one skein of one of the following yarns:

Get your size 19 knitting needles. Cast on 5 and work the whole skein up in garter stitch. Yea it’s simple. but like what I always say, you don’t need to over-complicate a complex yarn with a crazy pattern. Let the yarn speak for itself!

Happy Dog! Happy Friday!

August 27, 2010

Yes, I’m a dog lover and a yoga lover. I had to share this photo with you from fellow Darn Good Yarner- Danica! On facebook, she posted this and since I just came from yoga I thought there was only downward dog, upward dog. But now I bring you…. SLEEPING DOG! Insert “awwwwwwwwws” here.

You NEED this contest

August 26, 2010

Holy moly, have you checked out this site?

No? Well let me give you some eye candy baby!

But, before I do that I have to tell you about International Crochet Day and the fact that Jimbo (maker of these AMAZING hooks) is having one bad-ass contest totally worth entering.

Check it out click here and spread the word!

Fall 2010 Darn Good Yarn Newsletter

August 26, 2010

Hi Darn Good Yarners,

I got freaked out yesterday when I realized I needed to start crafting to get ready for the….gulp… holidays.

Then I realized, I had to let you know that

Darn Good Yarn is going to be CLOSED Sept 23- October 5th.

Me and the Official Husband of Darn Good Yarn are taking a little break! :-D

So, stock up now! And check out the new yarns and sari ribbons we’ve added in the last week.

Are you part of the club yet?

The club that gets you 10% off EVERY ITEM on Darn Good Yarn!

Getting the discount is simple! Just join the club! Purchase the Darn Good Yarn Club Coupon and we’ll send you a personalized coupon code which you can use forever and you’ll get 10% off of all your purchases!

Click here to get info on saving 10% forever!


Want it for FREE?

Send your friends (Ravelry buddies, yoga gurus, cooking class partners…you get the idea) to Darn Good Yarn. If they make purchases of at least $10, make sure they tell you. Send us ( the list of your 5 friends who made purchases and we’ll send you a big thank you as well as your own 10% off code good forever! Cooooool!

And remember this: when you purchase this yarn from DarnGoodYarn you are making a difference in women’s lives in Nepal and India. You are providing jobs that help people out of severe poverty. You’re making a difference.

Have a wonderful day, keep those WIPs and finished project pictures coming in! Send them to and we’ll post them under a section of the site made just for you: Darn Good Yarner’s Projects

Much love and thank you for all of your great support,

Nicole (Mike, the super sweet, official husband of Darn Good Yarn and of course Squeakers, the ever-snoring mini-schnauzer)

Soak Wash is here!

August 19, 2010

Get it by clicking here!

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Yes, so many of the items we make should only be hand washed.

But I just found the perfect detergent that doesn’t require rinsing!

No rinse. Really? Yup.

Introducing Soak. Soak is modern care for fine fibers. This rinse-free formulation is perfect for washing your hand-made Darn Good Yarn items, laciest lingerie, your softest sweaters, swimwear, workout gear, hand-made quilts and even baby clothes. Soak is gentle and deliciously scented with fabric-friendly ingredients that revitalize fibers so they look great and last longer.

We have four scents available in 425mL/ 14oz bottles. You’ll get 80+ washes from them!

Citrus has the delicious smell of “fresh-squeezed clean”.

Aquae is a “purely elemental” scent that’s like a breath of fresh sea air.

Scentless keeps your hand-washables (and sensitive skin) completely fragrance-free. Just a fresh and ultra-clear way to take care of the fine fibers you care about most.

Flora is a lovely spring fragrance that will make you “stop and smell the fibers”

If you’d like a free sample with your order, just let me know!

How to Use:

For hand-washing, pour 1 teaspoon into one gallon of cool water. Soak item for 15 minutes then gently squeeze out water. No need to rinse. Lay knit items flat to dry. Wash sets (like lingerie) together. Some colour may bleed into the water- don’t worry; this won’t harm your garment.

Test fabric for color-fastness before washing.

Soak is also ideal for machine washing- including High Efficiency Machines. Use the delicate cycle and measure Soak based on your machine’s instructions. You can either use or skip the rinse cycle, depending on what you are washing. Measure Soak by individual machine guidelines

If you’re anything like the Soak staffers, you probably aren’t going to get your measuring spoon out to do the laundry. Our general rule is one capful (or squeeze) on the 14oz bottle or two capfuls on the 4oz bottle for a gallon (sink full) of water. Make sure there’s enough room for water to move around and cover the garment while it Soaks.

No rinse. Really? Yup.

No rinse means that the product is a low-suds liquid. When you soak your items, the dirt and detergent comes out in the water and what is left in the item evaporates. When you squeeze out the water, you are left with a hint of fragrance that dissipates over time. You can rinse if you want. Rinsing does not affect how Soak cleans. It just removes the fragrance.

No rinse means less agitation for fibers. It is easier on garments and makes them last longer. It also uses less water which is good for the planet.

Simply Scarfs & the Giant Knitting Needles!

August 18, 2010

The next time you are in Mineral Point Wisconsin and you’re in the mood for a show stopping scarf or wrap, stop in and say hi to Jony at Simply Scarfs.

And if you have a moment check out the video on the lower bottom

She carries a wonderful collection of hand knit scarves that she created! And now she’s creating them with Darn Good Yarn’s Recycled Sari Ribbon!

Jony makes unique designs using various combination of yarns to give each one a mixture of colors and textures.

You can find her at 154 High Street in Mineral Point WI or email her at

Or, if you’re a cool facebooker, go over to her shop and “like it” by clicking here.

But, I need to draw your attention to her shop window. A friend of her’s down at the hardware store made these giant knitting needles! And you know what Jony knitted that with? Clothes line!!! I know isn’t that wonderful?!

North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival- Go Visit!

August 18, 2010

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We’re donating some yarn to the 2nd Annual Fiber Festival being run by the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood NJ. It’s this October 12 and 2 2010.

Go and visit this site to get all the information you’ll need to visit- Just Click this text!
Visit the festival and get some raffle tickets to win a Darn Good Yarn goody basket!

Do you have an event you’re sponsoring and are looking for a similar donation? Please contact us!

Need a donation?

August 18, 2010

Video loading. Please wait:)

We’re donating some yarn to the 2nd Annual Fiber Festival being run by the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood NJ. It’s this October 12 and 2 2010.

Do you have an event you’re sponsoring and are looking for a similar donation? Please contact us!

Small Studio Productions

August 18, 2010

Mixed media intimidates the hell out of me. Sure, I wish I could say, I can combine ribbon, paint, beads, old print media and present you with something fantastico. Nope, not happenening. But, I know someone who can do that! Ginny of Small Studio Productions! An amazing artist and she also carries a fantastic array of hard to find crafting products like bakery twine in different colors and vintage Jell-O molds!
She has a few venues that you should poke around:

Ginny often goes to conventions and shows (so keep up with her on her blog

And now for some eye candy! I spy with my eye, some recycled silk sari ribbon from Darn Good Yarn!

Your inspiration: The contest!

August 11, 2010

Yes, it’s been far too long since we’ve had a contest on the site.  What have I been doing? Oh, I don’t know…sipping margaritas… perhaps.

Those of you die-hard Darn Good Yarn-ers know I’ve posted this question in the past on facebook but I want to make a top 10 list of places where you get your crafting inspiration from. So, where do you get your best crafting inspiration from?

The contest will go from 8-11-2010 until 9-10-2010.

How to enter? Add your idea to the comments section of this blog post. Be sure to include your email address in the form. What you do win? Bragging rights and a $5 gift certificate to! Cool!

The “Top 10″ will be chosen by me and Mike (the official husband of Darn Good Yarn.. in case you forgot).

We know Mikey, it's tough making a decision sometimes

And if we need to have Squeakers jump for the final judgment, we will stoop to that level!