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My Favorite Free Pattern Sites

July 15, 2010

Nicole at the Recycling Center!

Nicole at the Recycling Center!

OK, I admit it. I’m addicted to free patterns. I love printing them out and thinking oh I’m going to do this one and that one (and yes, one day I will…girl scouts honor). But my great friend Beth just reminded me that I need to tell everyone my favorite sites to get some cool free patterns from.

If you don’ t know, I’m a knitter, so my crochet list might be limited but if you have a favorite LEAVE A COMMENT! If it’s good I’ll put in the post with “props” to you.

Let’s all work together to make this an awesome resource for us cheepies/budgeters/thrifties/savers!

Knitting (My fav!) (OMG!)

Crochet Super Creativity Going On Here! (OMG!) (Thanks Tweeter: @AllFreeCrochet)

Now it’s your turn… Help Me Help US!


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  1. S.W. W. says:

    As an addicted knitter and married to a Clarkson grad, I had to tell you that I found you though, yes, the Clarkson Alumni news magazine. Love your website! Who would have guessed yarn and engineering mix!

    • nicole says:

      That’s so awesome that you found me through the magazine (I’m still exhilarated from that whole experience!) It is a fun mix… it’s great to have Mike (’05 EE) get all logical on me and I have to remind him that I’m a biz major so we think with different sides of the brains:) But that’s why we work so well together! Enjoy the site!

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