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In NC next weekend?

July 31, 2010

Then you need to go and check out one of our fantastic featured artists: Margaret of MizCrochet’s Unique Boutique

She will exhibiting next Friday and Saturday (August 6 and 7) at Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair in Burnsville, NC. If you have questions you can contact her at

Or you can check out her wonderful

Check out some of her items made with Darn Good Yarn’s yarn!

Belly Dance Hip Belt Made from Landscapes Banana Fiber Yarn

Belly Dance Hip Belt Made from Landscapes Banana Fiber Yarn

Belly Dance Hip Belt Made from Landscapes Banana Fiber Yarn

Belly Dance Hip Belt Made from Landscapes Banana Fiber Yarn

Fantastic Hobo Bag made from our Premium Recycled Silk Sari Yarn

Fantastic Hobo Bag made from our Premium Recycled Silk Sari Yarn

Quick! A Sale!

July 30, 2010

Recycled Silk Sari Tibetan Himalaya Yarn Darn Good Yarn Photos 3-31-2010 at the beach 116Video Below! Let ‘er load!

Check it out now! Today, tomorrow ONLY (7/30/2010-7/31/2010) get almost 10% off Our Wild Peacock Yarn (

And remember:

Flat Rate Shipping to the US, Canada and the UK


Buy 4 of these skeins get the 5th FREE

Use this yarn in these projects:

Let’s follow along!

July 30, 2010

Watch the video below!

Good afternoon everyone! Phew, Friday has finally made it to Darn Good Yarn!

Chriss who has brought us amazing crochet patterns and fabulous crafting ideas on Darn Good Yarn (read more about her here)

Let’s support Chriss and her 30 day experiment of her experience of trying a lacto ovo vegetarian diet for 30 days. She will be posting her experiences daily, sharing recipes, and giving her honest opinion about vegetarianism. Here’s a link to her new blog:

I need an original knitted purse design for

July 29, 2010

Watch the video! I need help! Want to give this a go? Let’s talk! Email Nicole at!

Where did you hear about Darn Good Yarn

July 29, 2010

Where did you find out about Darn Good Yarn?
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Lashell and the Sari Ribbon

July 29, 2010

Let me tell you a tale of a woman and our recycled silk sari ribbon… My dear Lashell is an amazing artist and you can read about here here:

But what you need to know, is that what I’m about to show you will knock your socks off and you must check our Lashell’s Etsy store to fall in love some more:

Check out this hat that was made with our very own Desert Caravan Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Click to check it out
Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn HatRecycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn HatRecycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn HatRecycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn Hat

How Darn Good Yarn’s Recycled Sari Ribbon Knits Up

July 27, 2010

Buy the Recycled Sari Ribbon Yarns by clicking here

Seasonal Hue of Tibetan Jewel Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon

July 27, 2010

Just in time for the autumn, choose your harvest color of our fantastic recycled sari silk ribbon from the Tibetan Jewel Collection! Go ahead and find the hue that’s just right for the season!

The Words and Wisdom of Doris

July 24, 2010

If you take the time to read some of my sometimes wildly long product descriptions, you’ll find embedded stories about how I stumbled across fun products that I bring to Darn Good Yarn-ers!

Oh how I love to cook! Offical chef of Darn Good Yarn

Ever since watching Julie and Julia, it’s made me fall in love with my kitchen. No, I’m not making everything Julia Child’s style because I don’t have a defibrillator in my dining room. But I do like putting an apron on and chopping stuff and experimenting.

Official and Unofficial Husband of Darn Good Yarn

Actually, I have a funny story for you! Last weekend, I made gluten free chocolate chip cookies. For me, they were light, sort of like thick crepes. It was perfect for me. I said to my husband Mike, “You must have one! These are the best cookies ever!”. So, he starts eating it. I tell you, he had the saddest “Cookie Eating Face” I have ever seen. He said, “You said these were the best cookies ever’. Ouch…. I guess I needed a couple of more sticks of butter, some lard, maybe deep fried them and it would have been good!

So, a girl needs an apron. In my case, aprons. Enter, Doris! I found her wonderful aprons on etsy!

Darn Good Yarn now sells a couple of wonderful items she makes just for us crafters too:

But this morning, Doris emailed me and a few sentences stuck out in her email that I wanted to share with you:

remember, all the work can wait forĀ a day – one must take time to enjoy themselves. I didn’t learn that until I took early retirement and I almost learned it the hard way. Now – I believe that 1/3 of our time should be work, 1/3 of our time for family and 1/3 of our time to just simply enjoy life

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ~Nicole

Erin Mapes: Art Teacher by day, indie designer by night!

July 19, 2010

Erin rocks! She is a public school art teacher for her “day job” and designs, explores and creates for her store by night.

As Erin so beautifully described herself: I hand-knit scarves, hats, and other items, and upcycle old clothing into bags. I try to live my life in a simple, peaceful, and environmentally conscious way, and my craft reflects that way of life. I call my work “environmentally conscious” because I try to keep the environment in mind when making my work. Sometimes that means using all-natural materials or buying materials from local sellers. Other times it means saving materials from becoming trash by reusing, recycling, or upcycling, whichever you prefer to call it. Like I say on my site, I believe that with a little creativity, you can find a use for almost anything.

I personally find that refreshing and on the cutting edge. It’s motivation to where we should all strive to be on our crafting adventures.

Check out some of the items in her etsy store! Again, here’s that link!