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I need your opinion

September 8, 2009

Thanks for your input!

Thanks for your input!

I’m trying to figure out what you all like as far as information from Darn Good Yarn. So, would you comment back to me.

Would you like the weekly emails letting you know what’s new on the website or would you like the emails plus a monthly (or so) newsletter too?

Thanks for your input! I hope everyone is having a great day!


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  1. How about for whoever signs up for the newsletter, they also get a monthly coupon (5%?). Also, how about an affiliate program – i.e. if someone has a website, and they link back to you, and you get business from that person’s link on their page, the owner of the website can get a reward – maybe tiered – for example, $5 – $15 worth of business every quarter = 1 skein of yarn (your choice), $15 – 30 and so forth.

    Just a thought :)

  2. Kate says:


    My order arrived yesterday, a good example of great stuff. The felted knitting needle bags are wonderful. Besides yarn, needlework toys are good, from practical storage bags to tools. I’ve bought surina crochet hooks, a delightful crochet hook from India with a tiny elephant, shesham boxes. I don’t suggest getting into that much! But women’s cooperatives are making such irresistible things: silk knitting needle covers!

    When in NYC, did you visit the Rubin Museum of Art?

    • nicole says:

      No we didn’t visit there. We only spent a day there (which is a little laughable) but we had to spend time with my momma in NJ:)

      And oddly enough, I was totally disappointed with Katz’s Deli.. Yikes!

      I’m glad you like everything that you got in! Have a great day!

  3. Chriss Smith says:

    Hi Nic,
    I enjoy your newsletters they always put some sunshine in my day! So less is more? Or more is more? I think a monthly newsletter is great!


    • nicole says:

      Darling, darling,

      I think we need to show all of the fans here the great items you make and have them available for sale on the site.

      What do you think? Perhaps pick out 3 items….

      Have fun!

  4. Momster says:

    I think a weekly newsblast and a monthly (or so) newsletter would be good. Maybe a monthly pattern or pattern contest, too?

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