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Crafting brings us closer together

July 25, 2009

Hi everyone,

How are you? I had a funny day yesterday. I got these great origami earrings on etsy and I wore them out (in public)*. (see the comments)

What a funny experience I had, almost everyone I came into contact with said something about them. It’s so easy to just get stuck in our own world with our cell phone (or my case cell phones….) and ignore interpersonal communication. I was in one store and the cashier was telling me how good he was at origami and he made me a little origami box… like when does this happen?! haha

A mix of Darn Good Yarn Recycled Silk Yarn and Hemp

A mix of Darn Good Yarn Recycled Silk Yarn and Hemp

But it was my crafty earrings that brought some conversation above the “hello” into my day and it really gave it a whole new dimension. Interesting. I’ve had the same thing happen when I wear my recycled silk items. In the fall months, my scarves always bring attention. Perhaps because it’s a pretty unique item.

So, keep crafting! What funny conversations have you had a result of your wearable art have you had? Tell me, Tell me!!!


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  1. Joan Jones says:

    Nicole, I didn’t read that line correctly: I wore them out; I thought you meant “I wore them out,” not “I wore them out.” How confusing@! Love you anyway! Joan

  2. nicole says:

    Oh that is so funny… I read it to myself and said “yep, that make sense!” I’m going to add a few more words for clarity:) thank you darling!!!

    Is your “back” sore from Pilates this morning..mine is a “pain” :)

  3. Joan Jones says:

    My back’s okay, and after two glasses of vino, my legs no longer hurt either. However, at dinner, I asked Dick whether his legs hurt from those “thrust them out(S),” and he said, “NO!” I question whether he even did them. Do you know? JJ

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