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KNIT: A Recycled Silk Hat Experiment

July 27, 2009

Nicole being silly

Nicole being silly

So, the fun thing about this yarn is that I get to test my hand at making patterns. And whenever I say, “Nicole, today is the day you are going to make something amazing for the Darn Good Yarn Fans of the world” I then remember, I have to work my other job, finish the laundry (where does it all come from… I mean seriously), and ship yarn out to all of you!

I try so hard to step out and be adventurous but then I think about a lot of newbies out there who just want to make a cool quick project too! And this recycled silk yarn is seriously the way to go!

One day though… I will have more than 5 minutes to myself and I will make you a pattern!

So, I’m working on a super simple hat, but the thing you have to remember with this silk yarn, is that all of the colors…. oh they make a simple project look awesome!

A simple Recycled Silk Yarn Hat in progress

A simple Recycled Silk Yarn Hat in progress

Want to buy this yarn?

Click here to buy now! DGY's Premium Recycled Silk Yarn

Click here to buy now! DGY's Premium Recycled Silk Yarn

So what do you think? Tell me, what patterns do you want to see? Tell me please!!!

Crafting brings us closer together

July 25, 2009

Hi everyone,

How are you? I had a funny day yesterday. I got these great origami earrings on etsy and I wore them out (in public)*. (see the comments)

What a funny experience I had, almost everyone I came into contact with said something about them. It’s so easy to just get stuck in our own world with our cell phone (or my case cell phones….) and ignore interpersonal communication. I was in one store and the cashier was telling me how good he was at origami and he made me a little origami box… like when does this happen?! haha

A mix of Darn Good Yarn Recycled Silk Yarn and Hemp

A mix of Darn Good Yarn Recycled Silk Yarn and Hemp

But it was my crafty earrings that brought some conversation above the “hello” into my day and it really gave it a whole new dimension. Interesting. I’ve had the same thing happen when I wear my recycled silk items. In the fall months, my scarves always bring attention. Perhaps because it’s a pretty unique item.

So, keep crafting! What funny conversations have you had a result of your wearable art have you had? Tell me, Tell me!!!

Cloudy day? Visit SunFleur1 on Etsy!

July 19, 2009

Catch the rainbow - Bulky Entrelac hat at Sunfleur

Catch the rainbow - Bulky Entrelac hat at Sunfleur

Guess what this hat is made from? Darn Good Yarn’s very own Yo-Yo Diet thick and Thin Wool Yarn

I’ve been working with Michelle for a quite a while now and you just have to see all the cool items she makes. I know we all have the best intentions to make everything ourselves, but when you don’t have the time I think it’s equally as important to support our fellow crafters and resist the urge to get mass produced ho-hum items. This is where Michelle’s shop comes in super handy!

Michelle owns her own etsy store “SunFleur” which you can visit by clicking here!

High quality and really great prices and did I mention how whimsical everything she makes is?

Sari silk knitted beaded cuff

Sari silk knitted beaded cuff

Stuff to do in Lompoc CA Tasting at the Flying Goat!!! Pinot Noir I love thee!

July 18, 2009

So, some of you might know that Mike and I are a little into wine… well we at least have a wine fridge so I perhaps we can get partial credit..hmmm.

Flying Goat Lompoc CA

Flying Goat Cellars Lompoc CA

But on the rare weekend Mike has off we like to go out tasting. We were falling into a rut out here though because we were part of a few wine clubs…and when you have more than a “couple” of bottles from the same place, well I think you have to switch it up. So, we were told about the Wine Ghetto here in Lompoc CA.

Well, the name, hmmm I wasn’t so sure… were we going to get our wine poured into Dixie cups?

Dixie Cups?!

Dixie Cups?!

Did we need bullet proof vests, did we need the Club for our car? No, no, no. We were pleasantly surprised to find that while the location is a little odd it’s a gem. But isn’t that how it always goes for those little wine treasures?!

So today, we tasted at the Flying Goat Cellars . When we first got there, I ran straight to the little girls room and when I came out my Mike was saying well, we’re joining the wine club because it’s practically all Pinot Noirs (that’s one of our favorites!). We started the taste with a sparking pinot (oh yummy.. you know me and anything sparkling…wine, diamonds, and my yarn..yes my yarn). From there it was like taking an adventure all through the Central Coast of California. Grapes from everywhere and our pourer was FANTASTIC. I will really say she was the best pourer we’ve came into contact with out here in a long time! She was super knowledgeable and so helpful and happy to talk about the wine even though we were younger. That’s often a gripe of mine at these tasting rooms. We under-dress on purpose and it’s hilarious to see the up-and-down we get from some people… it usually indicates if we’re going to buy wine there or not. And the manager of the room was helpful too! She was telling us all about these great events coming up! Just a lot of talk about the wine, it was great! I’m no expert in wine, while I adore it, it’s always nice to learn something new and experience in your glass.

So, finally we found something cool to so in the Central Coast.. discover new wineries. The Flying Goat Cellers room here in Lompoc just opened in March so get on over there (it’s behind the Home Depot) and start tasting! You can thank me later! The wines are rich, deep, complex, have a great price tag and will show you the depth and versatility of Pinot Noir.


Nicole, Mike and Squeakers!

Doga… Yoga… me..and a mini Schnauzer

July 17, 2009

So check this video out:

I’ve known about Doga for a while now, but oh mon petit Squeakers… he always thinks it’s play time and so we play fetch instead of doing downward dogs.

But tonight, I was feeling inspired, and it looked like Squeakers needed a good belly rub so we attemped Doga a little and he seemed to like it. Although he wasn’t too crazy about “Big Boat” he did just like laying on my mat. If you’re not familiar with Doga, it’s the practice of what I think/interpretation is Astanga yoga and integrating your puppy-doodles.

Squeakers, The offical dog of Darn Good Yarn

Squeakers, The offical dog of Darn Good Yarn-- This is Squeakers after a little Doga

I totally recommend at least trying this out with your dog. It’s a nice way to at least give your pooch a little more attention. Who knows, it could become you’re new ritual together!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Nicole, Mike and Squeakers

Enter your One Skein projects on July 31 2009!

July 17, 2009

Reycled Silk One Skein Entry Kit

Reycled Silk One Skein Entry Kit

Hi everyone,

Have you been knitting away for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate?

Well, it’s almost time to show the world what you did! All entries are due July 31 2009!

So, email us ( pictures of your project and anything else you think we need to judge it!

Good luck!
Nicole and crew

So what about the Yo-Yo Diet?

July 13, 2009

Yo Yo Diet Thick and Thin Wool Yarn

Yo Yo Diet Thick and Thin Wool Yarn

Hi all! (oh I sounded like Paula Dean there…)

Anyway, this one will be short this morning. I just wanted to touch base with you some of you that might be having questions as to what to make with the Yo-Yo Diet Yarn.

We can thank Sandra and Faith (who are some of our best DGY fans on facebook for this question!).

Hmm what to make what to make? Well, I renamed this yarn, because it is a true “thick and thin” wool yarn… get it? Yo-Yo Diet?! (Come on, we’ve all been there).

Well, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
You can make a scarf (you can see pictures of it by clicking here) All I did was CO 9 sts on size 13′s and worked up 2 skeins in moss stitch. It made a nice effect which looked like little pebbles
Here’s a Capelet: Click Here

For now, I hope that helps because I have to run off and be an assistant this morning.

Much love! And don’t forget to leave your comments!

Nicole (and Michael and Squeakers)

Here’s a notebook cover: Click Here

Can’t life be tough sometimes?

July 7, 2009

Rainy day in Juneau AK

Rainy day in Juneau AK

So, today, I’m not going to talk about yarn but just about my day.

I woke up 30 mins late. It’s amazing what 30 little minutes can set the whole rest of your day out. I scuttled my hubby out the door and was multi-tasking between brushing my teeth and writing emails… thank God for good thumb coordination and electric tooth brushes.

I was packaging up orders, and the purple tissue paper was flying everywhere…then my tape dispenser hiccuped and I lost the beginning of the tape to close my boxes up. #$@#$!@$!@#. OK, Nicole re-group.

So between running out the door and getting in my car for my hour and 20 minute commute I thought I was going to burn out. I turn the car on, and I forgot I was listening to this tabla music the day before. Woah, it chilled me right out. How did I know I was going to need it this morning?

Then, as I drove to work, I started to remember how much I in fact like this ride because I get to really get into what I’m listening to and it allows me to day dream. And that’s what I did. Today I was imagining being in the south of India. I’ve never been there, but it’s one of these places I am just drawn to. And I tried to think of all the colors and new experiences I could go through. And just like that, those 30 minutes which could have had the propensity to derail me (and make me one pissy personal assistant) vanished. It reminded me of places outside of where I was although where I was really wasn’t that bad! Mind you, I drive southbound on the 101 into Santa Barbara, so about 30 minutes of my drive is next to the Pacific Ocean.

But, I pose this and post this to you, think about your frame of mind, is it a little off? Sometimes you don’t have that luxury of the serendipity of a random tabla cd sitting in your car and you have to do a self-check. This is probably why I love savasana so much.

So maybe you’re catching this post right before you hit the hay. Take a few seconds and do a self check. Lay down in your bed, and see where everything is. My husband Mike told me, as he looks back, I think he was ready for nap time some place (how cute:) ), but a teacher said to all the kids, “now just lay there on the floor and pretend like this big heavy liquid is running from the tips of your toes to your spine”. Ahhhh, doesn’t that sound so relaxing?

Because as Ice Cube says, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself”. Perhaps, he wasn’t talking about savasana but good words to live by. And if you don’t know who Ice Cube is, it’s ok:).

Love and peace darlings!

Chriss Smith Rocks!!! Her Etsy store is magnificent!

July 6, 2009

So, you know how sometimes life puts the most coolest people in your life? Well Chriss has been this person for me with Darn Good Yarn.

She owns this great Etsy Store which you can visit by clicking here!

Sari Silk Patchwork Bag/ Purse

Sari Silk Patchwork Bag/ Purse

Hemp Shower Bath Puff

Hemp Shower Bath Puff

So, I know that we all have the best intentions to knit or crochet gifts for our friends and family…but if you’re like me, OMG where the heck does the time go? It’s like, I get home, cook, clean, put the never-ending pile of laundry away… and I’m supposed to craft now?! It breaks my heart, but sometimes a clean house is better than a hand-made gift….this is where Chriss comes in. She is this master crochet-er based out of British Columbia… see, we’re international here at Darn Good Yarn:)

The Sari Silk Fringe Neck Piece/ Scarf/Bib

The Sari Silk Fringe Neck Piece/ Scarf/Bib

I mean look at all these crafts Chriss crocheted… and think about the time you will save and the looks on the faces of the people you give these as gifts to…or the look on your own face when you get yourself your own gift..hehehe!

Oh yes, please watch out for exclusive patterns by Chriss which will only be here at Darn Good Yarn!

Thank you Stefanie Japel!!! PS I Love Your Books!!!

July 5, 2009

Darn Good Yarn Recycled Silk yarn

Darn Good Yarn Recycled Silk yarn

Hi Stephanie, I do realize it’s been over a year since I’m giving you props for giving me props… but I’ve never had the ability to do this until now (“yea” for technology and a few extra minutes).

Stefanie was so awesome to feature me on her blog when Darn Good Yarn was first opening:Visit her blog now:

Thank you thank you and yes, I really am addicted to your books and would love to supply my yarn for one of your next projects. Just let me know and I’ll put it in the mail for you the next day!