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KNIT: Hemp Washcloth

June 27, 2009

Hemp WashclothSo, do you ever have a project that you just don’t take too seriously… for me washcloths are like that. While they were good for teaching me stitches back in the day, sometimes I get a little lazy and while the intent is there to make something super cool…my creative juices run a little dry (it’s because I’m always looking for new yarn for all of us to enjoy!)

So, all you’ll need is a pair of 5 needles and
1 ball of The Natural

CO 36 sts and make a square… crazy complicated stuff!!! Woooo!

But it is worth noting a few things:

  1. I didn’t even make a dent in that ball of hemp
  2. It got softer as I washed it in my machine
  3. It would make a nice gift if you made one of these and made a soap. But a nice little bow around it and don’t you look all Martha-ish!

And yes, please excuse the pricing in the video too. The pricing in the store is current and accurate.

KNIT: Recycled Crafting Easy Quick Scarf

June 27, 2009

Quick Easy ScarfWe’re all in a money crunch these days. A Darn Good Accessory will solve your problems, at least for looking cute because it’s a 3 in 1 accessory! Wear it as a scarf, headband or belt.

I actaully had a recent request from client in Norway for me to knit her up this very pattern. Look at what she said, (thanks Carmen!)

I got the scarf in the mail today, it was really gorgeous! I got it earlier than expected, from the United States to Norway in 5 days! The service here is really great too! I absolutely recommend trying the recycled silk yarn to everyone! You’ll hear from me again :)
Thank you Nicole!

So, come on, let’s knit one up. I promise it won’t take long. It’s an easy easy pattern and if you check out the video I show you how I like to tie mine up in my hair..tres chic yes?

Quick Easy ScarfQuick Easy ScarfQuick Easy Scarf

Here’s what you need to make this:
The Darn Good Accessory Kit, click Here for more info.

And here’s the more than easy how-to:
CO 13 sts.
K1, P1 every row…woo hoo (I love mindless patterns sometimes because they’re great for newbies and they are medatative! Om!)
So how long are you going to make it? Well, this is totally up to you. I usually use 1 and 3/4 balls of yarn but I love a long skinny scarf. If you want even more drama keep going. Want shorter than shorten it up!
BO, weave in ends and style it up and look cute!

Look at you go!

How to flaunt it: See My Video

Quick Easy ScarfAs a scarf. This type of scarf is meant to be wrapped a couple of times around your neck. Here’s how to get the look as shown by moi. I take the end of my Darn Good Accessory and place it about in the top third of my torso and wrap around my neck like that then tie it off to the side (so it doesn’t look like a tie). I never start by hanging the scarf in the middle behind my neck because I think you don’t get to show off as much as the scarf and your ends can’t be uneven and you don’t get to make a cute tie in it.

As an awesome headband. Because this Darn Good Accessory is done in moss stitch it grips onto itself and doesn’t shift making it the perfect candidate for a headband. So, here’s how to do it. Put your hair up into a high ponytail and cover your part. It doesn’t even need to be neat because it will be covered by the DGA. Quick Easy Scarf So, depending on if you want part of the DGA to hang down your back or not depends on if you start the headband in the back or front of your head. So, choose the base of your head or just at the front of your hair line at your forehead. From there, find the center of your DGA and wrap symmetrically around your head with both hands, switching ends with your hands when it crosses over keeping the scarf tight. The trick to making it flat is to pyramid the wraps as if you were putting grip on a tennis racquet or tape on a road bike handle. The cool part about this DGA is that you don’t need to knot it for it to stay in place you simply need to tie it. You can take your hair out at that point of leave it up…whatev:-). Be prepared to get some compliments!! Pair with some mellow colors to wear so you highlight the scarf.

As a cool belt over a long shirt. You could have it go around once and let the ends hang or you could double it around and make it like a little corset look. I totally recommend a nice sold dark color with this option though… you don’t want too much going on in your outfit!

KNIT: 80 Ways to Save the Earth Tote Bag

June 27, 2009

Recycled Silk Sari Saree Yarn Darn Good Yarn Himilaya 01Recycled Silk Sari Yarn and Plastic Bag Yarn80 Ways to Save the Earth Tote

Here is a great super stretchy tote bag that helps you save the earth too! It’s super easy and knits up quickly. It took me 2 nights to complete.

I use this bag to carry packages of all shapes and sizes to the post office. I also double its use and stick my mat in it for yoga class. The stretchy quality of it allows for a stand size mat to fit completely in it with room to stick your blocks,water and jacket in!

Here’s the recipe to make what I call 80 Ways to Save the Earth Tote (or 80 WTSTE Tote)

Whatchya need to succeed:

80 Plastic Bags made into yarn (see my video above for easy instructions to make this yarn!)
You’ll also need 1 kit of of the “Darn Good Yarn Wild Peacock Recycled Silk Yarn”. When you purchase this yarn as a kit, you get a great savings than if you purchased the yarn individually. Click here to purchase.

1 pair of US13 knitting needles
Black Nylon cord (or you can use the yarn),
94 Aluminum Can Tabs *
80 plastic bags

*So, you can see I made the strap out of can tabs. I get tons of emails from people saying OMG I will never have that many can tabs. Well, what you can do is simple and a pretty alternative to this strap: Purchase two skeins of our Recycled Silk Strip Yarn. Then, braid it and attach it! It would be stunning, soft and very easy to fabricate. Check it out and choose the strap yourself! Click here for more info.

Another note with regard to this pattern. There is a ton of flexibility to making this pattern. If you would like a small bag use less bags and decrease the amount of stitches your start out with. If you would like the over look less stretchy then go ahead and work it in moss stitch.Recycled Silk Yarn and Plastic Bag Yarn Tote Bag

Gauge isn’t that important on this project. For me each side measured 1ft 4 in across by 1 ft high. And, I’m serious…this puppy stretches.

Please wait for the video to load here!

So here’s how to make it!
CO 50 stitches.
Knit 2 then purl 2 straight across and then be sure to end each row on two knit stitches.
Work this for 1 foot and then BO and of course weave in ends.
Make another panel.
To sew the two pieces together I just used the Wild Peacock Sari Yarn to do this!
I then turned it inside out (which would be right side out ;) )This gave it a nice square shape.

Recycled Silk Sari Yarn and Plastic Bag Yarn Tote BagFor the can tab strap: Please refer to the video I made on how to make it. If you decide to use nylon cord or the silk figure out how long you’d like the strap. Say you’d like a strap which is 12 inches, multiply that by 3.5 and that will give you 42 which is how long of a length you should cut. The strap shown here is 2ft 7 inches which means a cord length of about 110 (It’s better to have more cord than not enough). Then to secure it you can use whichever thread (nylon or silk) to the sides. Just be sure to secure it really well!

Please wait for the video to load here!

For the Silk Strip Yarn: Braid up the strap and be sure to put knots in both ends of the braid. Then, sew it on the seams on the bag. Make sure you super-secure the strap on and the braid is super tight. I recommend two skeins of the silk strip yarn because you can double or triple up each “strand”. So instead of braiding with three strands of yarn you could use 6 or 9 depending on how thick you want the strap and how heavy the items you’re carrying around are going to be.

Get a Great Deal Now! 80 Ways To Save The Earth Tote Bag Value Yarn Pack

Get a Great Deal Now! 80 Ways To Save The Earth Tote Bag Value Yarn Pack

KNIT: 1 T-Shirt and Recycled Silk Case

June 27, 2009

Pencil Case Blender YarnThis is such a versatile case. First, I started making this with the intent to have it be a pencil case. But when I finished it up, it fit my cell, some bills, some plastic and my pens. And, oh yea, it’s made out of an old t-shirt (the one used here was so stained..yikes!) and then one kit for this pattern which¬† you can get here: Click Me

Get the Kit Now! ON SALE! 1 T-shirt Pencil Case Kit

Get the Kit Now! ON SALE! 1 T-shirt Pencil Case Kit

Here are the instructions to make the T-shirt yarn:

>How to make T shirt Yarn

So here is the pattern,
CO 8 sts with the recycled silk and your recycled T-Shirt

Work in garter for 13 inches.

So, a note, the knitting will be tight but that’s what it’s supposed to do so your pencils don’t fall out!

After you’ve knitted up the body, let’s work on the flap, we’ll do this row by row:
Row 1: K2tog, knit to end
Row 2: K2tog knit to end
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Knit
Row 5: K2tog, knit to end
Row 6: K2tog, knit to end
Row 7: Knit
Row 8: Knit
Row 9: K2tog, knit to end
Row 10: K2tog, knit to end

Now you have two stitches left. Go ahead and make 4.75 inches of i-cord.

Cool, almost done!

Pencil Case Blender YarnPencil Case Blender YarnPencil Case Blender Yarn

Now BO and leave about a 6-10″ tail of yarn. You’re going to now use this tail to draw the i-cord into a loop and sew/weave that remaining yarn into the base of where the flap stopped and the i-cord started. This will create a button loop for you!

So now, fold the pencil case so it looks like the finished product pictured here. Can you see where the button should be? Good, sew the button there with the hemp.

OK, so take the hemp and sew up the edges! Oh yea, now you’re all done, and your friends will be green with envy!

Pencil Case Blender YarnPencil Case Blender YarnPencil Case Blender Yarn

So you need to know how to make T-shirt yarn? Well it’s easy! For this example, I used a medium shirt, which due to my “incredible” laundry skills shrunk to a not so flattering belly shirt! And yea it was stained from hair dying experiments! So, that shirt was a perfect candidate…which one are you going to use?